Buckeye Wellness Center offers activity-based recovery programs designed to meet the needs of individuals living with spinal cord injury. Our trainers assist clients in performing repetitive, weight-bearing exercises and activities that have potential to restore function below the level of injury. Buckeye Wellness Center has also had success applying these techniques with other mobility impaired disabilities. In addition, Buckeye also offers general gym memberships, where wheelchair-bound individuals have the opportunity to utilize strength and cardio equipment.
Christopher Wynn

     Christopher Wynn, a native Clevelander and 1988 graduate of Brecksville Broadview Heights High School, decided on an Air Force career two years out of school. The youngest of seven, Wynn joined the service at the outbreak of Desert Storm, the first Gulf War. Trained as a fuels specialist, he graduated at the top of his class and was rewarded Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii as his first duty station.

     On January 23, 1993, a day at the beach turned tragic when Chris broke his neck while diving into the ocean. Fracturing the fourth cervical vertebrae left Wynn a quadriplegic, unable to move anything but his shoulders.
     Prior to his injury, Wynn was an avid exercise enthusiast, spending much free time at the gym. It was no surprise to his family that just four short months after the accident, he had enough function and strength to push a manual wheelchair. Two months later, he participated in the National Veterans Wheelchair Games where he medaled in four of five events.
     In 2007, Wynn learned of a facility in California that offered exercise programs geared toward spinal cord recovery. He undertook a week-long program there and became convinced of the program’s health benefits and recovery possibilities. When he returned home, he was frustrated to find there was no similar facility in the Cleveland area. Wynn then embarked on what became a four-year journey to create the Buckeye Wellness Center, which opened in September of 2011.
      Chris has continued to maintain an active lifestyle. He's able to drive, has built a house, gotten married and has a son. He shares these experiences by volunteering at the Louis Stokes VA Medical Center as a peer counselor.

Susan Wynn

Susan Wynn, married to Christopher Wynn, has several roles within Buckeye Wellness Center. She handles much of the business end of things  to make sure the gym is operating as should be, but also helps with clients. Whether it's helping Mike (the trainer) transfer a client or sitting down and talking through with them about their struggles or joys she is more than willing to do what's needed throughout the day.














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